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Guaynabo, Puerto Rico


Especially notable are the living rosary presented in the month of October, the celebration of the Discovery of Puerto Rico in November, the representation of the Nativity of Our Lord in December, and Library Week and Education Week in May. All activities are with the purpose of deepening appreciation for the specific event being celebrated. The school's Field Days, individual days dedicated by grades to sports competitions, give the students the opportunity to share their varied talents with the entire school, parents and guests. Through games, contests, field trips, plays, religious programs and other extra-curricular activities, the school fosters cooperation and creativity among the students and encourages peer respect and acceptance.

Students are encouraged to donate to the Holy Childhood Association and to United Against Hunger. Food is collected and distributed among the maintenance personnel for the Thanksgiving holiday. During the Advent season students are encouraged to attend the novena of early Masses celebrated in our parish for nine days.

After school activities include: music, dancing, karate, tutoring, and supervised studies.